Sunday, 6 March 2011


I started the morning with a coffee shop roll (D: 14.5km - A: 40m), something to take my mind off racing. You see, it turns out I was nervous.

Not doing things to give yourself the best chance at another action, puts a fair bit of pressure on that latter act. I'd said I wanted to set a new f200 PB, I'd even gone as far as saying I wanted 12.4 seconds which was a fair improvement on my previous best (12.632).

I whacked on a 104" gear, in hindsight it's what I used last round as well to achieve my (12.639), I kicked late (maybe too late) and concentrated on keeping the bike low and my line smooth all while hammering the pedals.

12.384 seconds

I think I rode a lap with my fist thrown in the air after I heard the time. I may be a dork, but damn hearing that time made me happy. It's faster than the time I set indoors at D.I.S.C. with a disc wheel and a deep section front. It's almost 0.8 of a second faster than the times I set at the same time last year. Very happy and optimistic that there might be scope to go even faster.

The races were a mix, I got monstered by a huge Canadian (Jamie Shankland) who ramped up the speed on the front from 2 laps out. I kicked early against a young guy (Nick Cockerell) who'd qualified slowest for a-grade but managed to ride around him. Kicked really late from behind against Chris (Ray) and had our closest race in a long time. The final was another race against Nick and took it a bit more comfortably with another long race, but this time from the front/inside.

I look forward to watching the videos as Andrew Steele, previous f200 record holder for the track (Emerson Harwood set a new one), suggested I was losing power/speed to sideways motion. The f200, the race against Chris and those comments make me think a win against him (Chris) could be coming sooner rather than later. Now that would make me a happy boy.

PMPW: 90kg

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Videos are all up now :)