Wednesday, 30 March 2011


The last Wednesday of the daylight savings period, a final chance to see the trails after work with only the sun to illuminate your way. I hoped we might make it out for a lap of Hans' loop before riding home on the paths. It wasn't to be, well not for me, we ducked into a bunch of trail that's starting to ride well again and I was without lights.

I'm not complaining as places like Bruce's loop were railing. Corners linked in such a way that you'd go from banking hard to the left, pushing hard into the bars to force the side knobs to dig into the dirt, a barest moment of almost weightlessness as you spring out of the corner, straighten the bike, then tip it over the other way.

D: 28.4km
A: 135m

Riding home was the opposite of last night, time seemed to distend, each pedal stroke into the headwind through the inky night barely seemed to inch man and bike forwards. My body, tired from backing up a hard day was just craving food and regular clothes.

D: 34.4km
A: 255m

PMPW: 90kg

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