Sunday, 27 March 2011


I wanted to win today, I wanted to get told "nah mate you're too fast for b-grade, next week you're going up". Feeling a bit tired I vaguely set the plan as sit in, not wasting any effort in attacks that would inevitably get chased down. If I was going to go up the road it would only be in the last 20 minutes of the race when everyone was a little bit tired.

Around halfway through the race I was asked by one of the in bunch marshals to pull to the side, then once clear I was instructed to go talk to the race director at rego. It seems pulling out a camera mid race is a big nono (taking hands off bars), thankfully I was allowed to re-enter the race. To assuage any issues, I let the break then the entire bunch roll through me before tagging on to the back.

The photo in question.

I was in a really odd mental space after my talk with the officials, and went off the front to bridge to a break, then just to generally stretch the bunch. Something to focus the mind back on what was required to win.

I got myself in the top 10 with 2-3 laps to go and as we rounded for the bell there was a sole rider a few metres up the road, they looked to be tired and so the bunch reverted to cat and mouse games. I picked a big bloke as my bitch lead out bunny and watched everything.

This is how things were as we rounded the last corner. My bunny is the dude in black/white to the left (no not my left), he took a really odd wide line and I wasn't sure if i should follow him or go alone from there.

This is a few metres from the finish. I honestly don't remember much of it all. I think I was coming up on the dude in the blue, who if you go back to the previous photo I'd given up 2-3 bikes to out of the corner.

I took 2nd, received instructions that I would be bumped if I took 1 more win or had 2 more placings. I also got $50 removed from my winnings for my mid race efforts. I'm bloody glad that the photo came out and I have something to show for that cash.

D: 41.5km
A: 100m

I rolled some extras after the race, motorpaced down to the Napean with Steele and a couple of others, then back up the beach solo.


D: 61.1km
A: 245m

PMPW: 91kg