Sunday, 20 March 2011


I gave serious thought about not racing today.

* My legs were sore.
* I was tired.
* I was cranky.
* I felt like I'm getting sick.
* It's a boring ride to get there.

These were all excuses, and I eventually managed to see them as such, so in a fit of htfu I ignored them all and went racing anyway.

After last time where I couldn't get anyone to work cleanly and given the state of my legs I made a very simple plan. Smash the bunch sprint.

Things didn't quite go as planned, I got nervous around halfway through when I saw 5-6 guys up the road stay away for multiple laps with no real impetus being shown by the bunch. I launched and managed to bridge after a lap in the hurt box. On contact I found the same sort of thing happening, no one willing to bury themselves to make the break stick. I tried to drive the pace a few times with long solo turns, but after a few laps more we were swallowed up. Back to sitting in and waiting for the last lap shenanigans.

That plan was kyboshed when around 5 minutes to go there was still a small group up the road and a couple working to bridge across, it was "now or never". Thankfully another dude came with me when I kicked, without him pulling a couple of turns I would have been stranded in no mans land, as it was we made contact with only a lap and a half to go. Sucking down fresh air on the back as we came through for the bell guys started to attack off the front. I made the mistake of thinking that Dave who's wheel I was on would cover the moves, by the time I realised he was spent the first few guys had 10-15 crucial metres on me. From then on it was balls out effort to try and chase everyone down by the line.

I was devouring riders in my charge for the line, but two managed to stay just ahead in the final screaming throw for the line.

It doesn't look like my efforts or 3rd place were enough for a grade bump, so I may have to go back again.

Carnegie race write up here.

D: 43.5km
A: 80m

Rolled a few extras with some VIS kids after the race which helped ease some of the tiredness from my legs (odd how more exercise can sometimes do that).


When I got home, to give the recovery a bit more of a kick along, I dumped 10kg of ice into the bathtub, filled with water and climbed in with it. The next 5 minutes consisted of me trying to find my happy place, managing to spend 3-4 seconds in it before the reality of what was going on would seep in (usually though my kidneys).

D: 54.8km
A: 170m

PMPW: 90kg

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