Saturday, 19 March 2011


It feels like we're fast losing opportunities to get out in the sun on hardpack trails with a bunch of mates. Today was forecast as too nice for me to pass up the chance of some loops of the Wombat trail.

The first lap was with done mostly behind Rhino who'd been thoughtfully dressed for the occasion by Rohin.

Photo Credit: I blatantly pulled this from Belly's social networking page.

The next lap we lost what felt like the entire Yeti Australia team and support network, leaving us with 6 blokes with vary levels of spentness. I hope it wasn't just me (otherwise I'm a total jerk) but the socialness of the ride gave way to a bit of impromptu racing. I started at the back after taking some photos (no they didn't come out), and slowly worked my way to the front. The last place, Erin Baxter, was flying through the twisty stuff, it was only due to a dab on his behalf and the finishing climb that I stayed clear.

Ok, so perhaps not perfect recovery before Glenvale, but whatever it was sweet sweet trails in sweet sweet Autumn weather with sweet sweet mates.

D: 36.4km
A: 585m

PMPW: 90kg

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