Thursday, 17 March 2011


TdB: (double)
Note to self, agreeing to do a double TdB is ridiculous, especially when you're partner is a 60 something kilo dude like Mark Giurgius.

The first loop was fun, down Williamson's Rd I timed the draught of a bus perfectly and almost got the whole way up the other side at 60+ kmph. A quick 100g of fruit and nut chocolate and it was time to meet the 6:45pm bunch for another go around.

Doncaster and Burgundy hurt me the other climbs were at a manageable pace, regardless my mind was else where as Mark and I gad conspired to try and win the Red Rooster sprint. Coming up to Heidelberg/Heidelberg Josh jumped early and went clear, I hesitated presuming Danny would cover the move, I was wrong. Over the top it was obvious that Josh's lead was becoming a winning one and no one was organising to shut it down. I bit the bullet and went hard after him. Sadly I think 1 or 2 guys got over the top of Mark.

*edit* never mind, the light was too dim so the photos were poor.

D: 71.4km
A: 935m

The roll home with Mark and Danny featured a few sprints that completely finished anything I had left in the tank. A 600g steak for dinner barely touched the sides on the way down.

D: 18.8km
A: 105m

PMPW: 90kg

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