Sunday, 13 March 2011


SKCC Crit:
There wasn't any racing at Glenvale so I (and many others) had no choice but to race down in the back of Port Melbourne. I think the official count was 82 riders but it was more the class of those riders that had me concerned (Official report including some of the names that had me concerned).

From the gun the pace was hot, every lap down the home straight we'd crack 50kmph. Riders were single file for the first 30-40 blokes, the hot northerly making it even tougher work round the back. Still, I felt good. I did my best to stay North of half way up the bunch, doing by best to avoid the wind/work but also to stay clear of any trouble/gaps. I concentrated on little things like clicking down one gear before turn 2 and two before turn 4, that let me spin out of the corner into riders draughts and kept my legs feeling.... well not fresh, but something better than completely shot.

As we got nearer the end of the race, attacks were coming thick and fast, still I sat in my place between 10th and 30th. I felt good, I was able to go with the strung out chases, I was hot on the wheel in front out of every corner. It hurt like a bastard, but it was a good hurt. It was my hurt.

The two crashes that happened on corner 2 made me a fraction tentative for the remaining 5 minutes. Still, I was feeling strong and I wanted to test myself, so I continued to work for a position in the now inevitable bunch sprint. I moved up using as little energy as possible, but it was still energy. I got myself from around 30th to around 15th, but had to admit that it was still too far back. The pace was blistering Coming round to the 4th corner I had to realise that it was still too far back given the pace. I soft pedalled through the last turn and up to the line.

In a wrap up I'm feeling pretty happy. I feel like I have or am progressing through my continuum of racing. First you get dropped, then you're pack fodder, then you influence the race outcome, then you win and finally you go up a grade.

I certainly didn't win today, but I felt I was closer to influencing the race than i was to being just pack fodder. Shit, thinking back about the class of riders there, I'm feeling better and better about it, quite a few blokes didn't finish, though the two blokes that crashed did. Now that's true HTFU.


As a gauge to the pace of today's race normally we average 41-42kmph, today it was 43-44kmph.

D: 64.3km
A: 135m

PMPW: 92kg

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