Saturday, 12 March 2011


Hell Ride:
Despite a shit sleep I rolled out for the Hell Ride with no real agenda other than to enjoy being fit. I pulled a couple of turns on the way down to keep me near the front but held most of my effort in reserve.


The pace over the top of Olivers was fast and despite being on a wheel required continued effort to be put into the pedals. The small descent that follows is magic in that by the next rise my legs felt good to go again.

The trip back was starting to heat up, VIS/AIS kids driving the pace on the front, holding us at or above 50kmh. After a split by some lights we tried to chase back on but after what felt like 10 reds (probably 5) the effort shut down. Things didn't get moving fast again until Mordi and for me that meant one thing. Fresh legs to sprint on. :D


I couldn't find Lee so I worded up Tom Leaper and Downie and punched off 6th wheel from out of the corner. Down low and go go go, I was flying, straight past the dudes in front, I even thought I might solo to the win but soon felt Tom and Downie coming around me which led to the inevitable "no more point" shutdown of my legs. Still I'm pretty happy with that single effort. It was quick and felt good. The low position is something to keep in mind for both SSS and road crits.

D: 95.5km
A: 350m

PMPW: 92kg

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