Wednesday, 2 March 2011


1 x 10 min E1
2 x (45s HC r/up (15:100rpm, 15:130rpm, 15:max):7
2 x (30s RG r/up 10:100, 10:120, 10:max):7
1 x 18s HCLR
1 x 10 min E1

A bit less sucky than last week, but not an overly enjoyable experience. This time I tried without the aid of heavy/fast music.

CCCC Crit: (Sandown B-Grade)
I've never raced at Sandown and given that CCCC think I'm a b-grader that would be the handicapping for my first race there. Not a horrible situation, I could try and make up for Glenvale being cancelled, go for the win, collect some cash... or maybe just survive on a new circuit with a bunch of people I don't normally race with.


The "plan" (I love how I try to convince myself I have a plan) was to sit in like a dirty dirty wheel sucker and play in the sprint at the end.

About halfway through the race with two guys having stayed up the road for a lap or two I pulled through to the front to help out the Sole Devotion guys who'd been doing all the work to chase. Up the main straight I pulled hard only to find I was well clear of the bunch, on my way to the two up the road. So I chased and I hurt and I chased some more. I never quite made it across and almost exactly 1 lap later the bunch swallowed both me and them. Back to the plan!


I knew the sprint would be tricky, it was just after a complex of corners and straight into the teeth of a head wind. Sadly the bunch never caught two guys who launched at 3 to go so it was a sprint for 3rd. Anyway, I picked a few guys who I thought would feature in the sprint, kept good position through the corners kicked hard and threw for the line.... turns out I threw WAY too early... the line was about 20-30m further. I kicked again and think I secured a top 10, but they were only paying to 5th so I didn't bother to count.

It's not the end of the world, I felt strong for the kick, I was coming up on 3rd when I threw and actually managed to recover some ground in my second kick. One of these days I'm going to get all my timing right and score a boot to a-grade (and some cash).

D: 74.5km
A: 500m

PMPW: 91kg

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