Sunday, 6 February 2011


CCCC Crit: (B-Grade)
Simply put, I felt I could win today.

I thought about sitting in and letting it come down to the inevitable bunch sprint, but it's been a while since I'd raced at Glenvale and I don't have the last corner timed perfectly (ie. what wheel to sit on and when to kick) and thus I thought it wiser to try and get up the road in a smallish break.


So that's what I did, I spent half an hour either attacking or bridging to attacks. It hurt, but every time I felt strong, especially pulling into the wind. Sadly for one reason or another none of them stuck. I sat on 5-10 minutes then tried again with about 15 to go. Once again nothing eventuated, the group never got a good working line together and so we were eaten up.

I let the next attack go, "they'll chase it down like they have been all day" I thought. When the 2 lap to go sign went out and they were still 30-40m clear I bit the bullet and spent some tickets to bridge. Frustratingly they seemed to sit up just as I got on. I rolled around the bunch as we hit the final corner, gritted my teeth and....well dragged every man and his dog along for a free ride to the line. One bloke clear on the front, 5 blokes shoving a wheel or half a wheel in front of me on the line meaning after feeling like the strongest rider in the bunch, I wasn't even up for a minor cash prize.

I'm a little gutted, and feel the need to go back and prove my strength. Still, I'm doing my best to see it as good training. Attack and sustain, attack and sustain... perfect training.

D: 82.3km
A: 435m

PMPW: 94kg

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