Saturday, 26 February 2011


It struck me that the pace of this ride used to scare the crap out of me, where as these days it's just a nice way to get 90km done before (2nd) breakfast.


I wanted to move up the bunch around Bon Beach so pulled through for a few turns, nothing earth shattering 45-50km/h with 5-6 blokes going around. I settled back a little to give myself a chance to drink before the rolling hills of Frankston/Mt Eliza only to find that hissing sound was coming from my back wheel.

Oh well, could have been a worse spot to flat I suppose, I had plenty of time to get it all fixed up, ride solo up Oliver's and then wait for the bunch to swing past on it's way home.


I tried to set up Lee for the sprint but was wide and in the wind way way too early.

D: 88.5km
A: 255m

PMPW: 90kg

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