Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Slowly things feel like they're coming back together, the legs though not yet perky, certainly weren't as flat as yesterday.

D: 15.7km
A: 70m

So, what now? Time to think of some things to do with this fitness. New challenges and goals.

First cab off the rank is winning b-grade at Glenvale. This weekend is a great place to start.

Next I want to get my flying 200m at Blackburn down to low 12s. I have a completely pie in the sky dream of doing a 12 second flat run. Realistically 12.1-12.2 is what I'm aiming for. Added to that, I would like to beat Chris Ray in a round/final of the SSS.

I haven't lost the will to race MTB either, I've already booked in an entry for Elite Men's Pair at the Duael 6 hr, I want a top 10 on opening lap and consistently fast times after that.

These looked so easy after all the threshold and VO2 stuff I've been doing.

1 x 10 min E1
2 x (45s HC r/up (15:100rpm, 15:130rpm, 15:max):7
2 x (30s RG r/up 10:100, 10:120, 10:max):7
1 x 18s HCLR
1 x 10 min E1

On the HCs my hips flopped around and generally felt stiff. 167bpm max.

The RGs were odd. I'm struggling to describe how. Carl told me to aim for ~140rpm. I know my legs were going faster than 120rpm, but other than that everything felt like I wasn't doing it right (maybe some residual tiredness). 176bpm max.

The RGs also took ages to recover from, both took around a minute before I felt I could even attempt to pedal. Once the whole lot were done and I walked around I was light headed and queasy. I hope that means I did them right.

PMPW: 90kg

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