Wednesday, 2 February 2011


NRR: (Long)
For the 3rd freaking week in a row I cant make fatties, so I opted for the next best thing, a ride before work around the Wednesday NRR extended loop of Two Bays.

I was running late due for the 6am start due to an excess if spicy food last night, an ITT effort got me to North Road just in time to see them exiting while I waited (impatiently) at the lights.

The group was massive, maybe 100 riders, maybe more and a fair chunk of that peeled off to come smack some short hills. We set up a little group of 5-6 people to roll turns into the barest of headwinds. Ticking over 40km/h I wasn't even hitting E2 so I kept going until Frankston where we hit the first of the hills.

I stood up for the first one (up Kars St), expecting to be surrounded by dudes sprinting into the final pinch, the only one playing was Leigh Schilling. The next two hills, people did care, quickly a bunch of the 6-8 fastest guys (and one girl) would form at the front and drive the pace. I wasn't able to match them on either hill but kept them in sight and caught the back of the last riders as they sat up before the top and coasted in.

The second one (Canadian Bay Rd) I tried to hold until I exploded. The third (Two Bays Rd) I found a (hard) tempo and kept that up until the top. Both resulted with me in no mans land, unable to hold strong a-graders but faster than the rest of the bunch.


Despite being happy with the climbing, it was the return home that has left me giddy all day. That minor southerly was still about, 5-8km/h at our tushies.

There was 3 or 4 of us pulling massive hauls at over 50km/h. My first came when I pulled out from 20 or so wheels back and slotted myself in front of Leigh Schilling and took the speed up to 54. I was on the tip of my saddle just smacking the downside of each pedal stroke. The minute or two I spent there, the bunch strung out single file behind me, made every session on the trainer worth while. It felt like I could do it forever, not even my HR climbing well past my threshold could make me do anything other than suck air in and grin.

It got a little attacky after Mentone, which was brutal after long pulls but awesome none the less. Trying to bridge to guys who were doing 50+ is just nuts. Fun, but nuts!

D: 96.0km
A: 510m

PMPW: 91kg

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