Tuesday, 15 February 2011


The roll to/from work felt a lot better, my legs while not bursting to go, felt heaps fresher than yesterday. This means I had no excuse but to whip out the trainer (no not jeff, sure he's small enough to keep in my cupboard, but I honestly don't keep him there) and get some intervals done.

In other news I'm on for the Otway. It's feeling like it's more on a "complete" rather than a "compete" basis. I'll try to formulate something a bit more concrete over the next few days. Any goals will probably involve smashing Wade and Loaksy, letting dirty stinking roadies win is not negotiable.

D: 14.1km
A: 45m

1 x 10 min E1
2 x 4 min ITT/4 min WR
1 x 5 min E1
1 x 15 min 30s A&S E3 r/up (last 2 min)
1 x 10 min E1

The first ITT was off, I struggled to find the entrance to the hurt box and my HR was low. A bit of a sprint towards the end convinced me I was being soft rather than carrying fatigue from Sunday, so I pushed through the rest of the session.

I was right, the next ITT and the A&S both hit the HR levels I expected, though I should note 15 minutes is as much a mental test as it is a physical one.

D: 0km
A: 0m

CE: 3/4

PMPW: 90kg


Brad Davies said...

Loakesy out! One left to beat...

Wade Wallace said...

Now I'm motivated...

neil said...

Brad I take back what I said about you being a MTB'er now... I know you're the one that tipped off Wade.... CONSIDER YOURSELF ON THE LIST!

Wade Wallace said...

what happed out there Neil? Did you decide to walk the course?

Brad Davies said...

I think there was a Forrest return route

neil said...

Oh dear, looks like I'm going to have to publish a public apology to roadies. I almost feel as dirty as I was during the race just thinking about it.

Damn you roadies!