Monday, 14 February 2011


I slept like arse last night, despite taking time to wind down and heading to bed early. I had planned to roll NRR with Ian, but sent him an SMS at 5 and tried to get an extra couple of hours rest. Even with that additional (broken) time I've felt shelled all day. My legs lack even the slightest spark of enthusiasm.

Still, it was such a gorgeous afternoon that it seemed almost criminal not to roll a few extra ks in the sun. Hopefully the extra time helped flush out any residual crap from yesterday and coax a few tired muscles into life again.

The first couple of videos from the weekend are up.

Round 1: Emerson is way way too fast for me (10:00). The race between Chris and Marcelle (11:35) is a good watch. I am particularly interested to learn about closing lines and racing that involves more than one jump.

Round 2: Marcelle is a beast, but I let him dictate the start of the sprint and cut my chances right down (12:39). It's also worth watching how an experienced sprinter like Chris gets completely man handled by the lightning quick Emerson (11:23).

D: 22.8km
A: 65m

PMPW: 90kg

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Ann-Michel said...

You look fit. Good luck on the weekend, wishing you strong legs and a strong mind.