Sunday, 13 February 2011


The thing I was racing to give a nudge, my flying 200 time, was exactly the same as last time (7 thousandths of a second slower).

Chris Ray was 0.3 slower than last time for his, Marcelle Gellan was about the same as normal (didn't race last round), but most agreed that it was a slower day.

That's not helping me feel terribly positive about it. At the time I felt that there was perhaps something I left something behind, felt that my kick wasn't with every ounce of my existence, felt I should have gone faster.

The 4 races that followed, I lost. Here I am annoyed about my lack of initiative, not once was I the one to attack. Sure I'm always the slowest in a-grade and usually have the least experience, and that makes a win unlikely, but the chance of success fast approaches zero when you always take the back seat and let the other rider dictate the sprint start.

So theres a few things to think about before next round.

Firstly, my commitment to going all out for a f200 time. The more I want it the faster I'll go.
Secondly, attacking in a race. Just do it.
Thirdly, some tactics. See if I can increase the chase of an attack resulting in a win. I'll think about that a bit more once the videos come out. The race between Chris and Marcelle was great to see in person and I think a good one to learn more about tactics.

CE: 1

PMPW: 90kg

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Video is being edited now :)