Saturday, 12 February 2011


Hell Ride:
I didn't really have a plan or set goals today, just to head out and see what my body was doing. I did some work on the way down into the wind, but a clean working group took longer to form than I had patience for so I faded back into the first 20-30 riders for most of the journey.

The hills past Frankston hurt, there was an inevitable gap to chase down over the top, but I never felt like I was about to die, which is common for this part of the ride and more importantly, what I feared from my body.


The way home was fast, a good South Westerly gave us a helping hand and the speed never really dropped below 50km/h. It was a touch surreal doing 55km/h and chatting to the bloke next to you. I did have a bit of a look at the sprint, but I was a bit far back and never in the hunt.


It was a bit of fun, and I'm freaking glad that my power was back and my HR was normal.

D: 111.7km
A: 465m

PMPW: 91kg

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