Thursday, 10 February 2011


I'm a bit thrown by what went on last night and by thrown I mean concerned and somewhat afraid of what it is. I hope it was something dumb like being dehydrated, but my mind dismisses that quickly, I've done far harder efforts with less fluid in my system. Still, lex parsimoniae would suggest that's it.

So in light of being a great big nervous girls blouse, I did nothing hard today. No NRR, no TdB, no Jeff's and no intervals. I think this will only lead to more stress/nerves about the first hard thing I do.

D: 13.9km
A: 40m

PMPW: 89kg


Unknown said...

volume reduction (dehydration) will make you feel that way, but then so too will overtraining and moreso if its sympathetic in nature (as in related to the sympathetic nervous system).

The old physiology pearls hold true- generally, FATIGUE decays quicker than are not going to loose any training adaptation if you take a couple of days off! Rest once-in-a-while.

neil said...

Looks to have been a bit of dehydration and possibly just a really off day.

thanks for the support, I'm bloody glad to have that behind me*.

*I hope