Saturday, 8 January 2011


It's good to finally get back to Woodend for some time on the dirt there. Darren Davis took us through a few of the trails on the Macedon side before crossing back, dipping into the Wombat loop and scooting back into town.


Mostly the pace was easy, our first break coming 200m into the ride for what I imagine will become an infamous incident. "That's not a chain breaker, THIS is a chean breaker."


The early trails featured some sketchy descents, steep, dusty and with the occasional fist sized rock waiting to roll with you and knock your wheel off line at inopportune moments.

On the climbs I played with Alex Randall, mostly though it seemed like we were both happy to find a pace that would spit Mario out the back and then just hold that.


When we finally got to the Wombat rack, good hardpack trails I know well, I hit the front and put everything to try and drop Alex. I was railing everything and grinning so much my cheeks hurt. Though I was able to get a few 3m gaps I could never drop him for good, the little shit is just too fit, still it was nice to be able to put some pressure on him.

D: 33.3km
A: 610m

PMPW: 92kg

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