Wednesday, 26 January 2011


I was nervous about this ride, the organiser Brad had dubbed it the "Australia Day Massacre" and said there would be super fit mountain bikers attending. I was so nervous that my regular single morning/pre ride poo turned into three pre ride poos.

There was a mix of trails I knew and those I didn't. The pace wasn't XC fast, but every section of single track or climb an order would be established. I varied from trying to play with those at the front and hanging back to ensure those hanging off the back knew their way.




As the day wore on, our group of 10 fit and fast guys was whittled down as people tired and turned for home early. By the time we finished there was only 5 of us left to complete the 90 odd km of mtb mayhem.


I'm pretty happy with it all, I'm a little behind BJ and a fair bit behind Ash in fitness, but still at a good point. I held my own all day and on the times that I pushed I was able to hold BJ and keep in front or drop Brad, granted Brad is far from his 24hr worlds form. The highlight was watching Wade hit the wall and turn around at the 60km mark. Sweet revenge for him attacking repeatedly and ripping my legs off at the Vic Metro Road champs!

No that's not fair, the highlight was sticking to BJ when he tried to drop me up the swtich back climb. Hammering Wade was second.


Oh well, that's one monster ride done this week, time to recover and do it all again with BJ at the nongs on Saturday.

D: 91.2km
A: 2,685m

PMPW: 94kg

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Diesel said...

Nice ride mate. Sounds like a ripper. Hope to see you this Wednesday arvo. Back to Melbourne tomorrow (Sunday) and off to work Monday. Boo Hoo!!