Saturday, 22 January 2011


Melbourne - Mordialloc - Melbourne:
Racing at 4pm on a Sunday leaves a huge chunk of day to sit about and stress, so I headed down to Mordi to kill some time and get the legs moving.


The only incident in an otherwise easy ride was teaching a lesson to some gentlemen who had been sitting on John Jeffries and I, then decided to attack us through Brighton. Accelerating to and holding 51-52kmh (granted with a slight tail wind) for over a km was pretty fulfilling. Wheel suckers 0, Neil 1.

D: 47.4km
A: 150m

Dirt Riders 3 hour:
There were some positives and negatives about this race, and I don't just mean of racing in the afternoon through into the evening.


I'll list the facts, or at least the pertinent events as I saw them.

I started off in the top 10-15ish riders, the pace wasn't killing me and once I got some clear track in front of me I worried that I might not be pushing hard enough. I came through the first lap with Phil Orr and Grover on my wheel, a somewhat surreal feeling as these boys usually demolish me.


I was fuelling/hydrating with a bottle on the bike, losing the one I had on my 2nd lap was significant, so I slowed slightly, in the process dropping a couple of spots.

At the next chance I had, I picked up a fresh bottle, and soon after found my old one. This meant I could drop the extra one near the start/finish and have 2 feed spots. Genius! I got back to riding around, pausing only when I miss judged a pile of logs, hung up my rear wheel and jamming my right knee (the historically non dodgy one) straight into my shifter.

Entering the last hour of the race I started thinking about the run to the line, I was tired, but I thought things were going ok. About 1/2 way around I jumped off the bike to move a massive rock that had been dislodged and made the new rock garden descent unridable. I felt a bit of a twinge in my left hamstring. Around 1/4 of the track later both adductors went ping. I span a tiny gear to get myself back to the line and pulled the pin on the race.

A quick calculation put me on track for a podium in Open and a top 10 in Elite. I'm not shitty about DNF, I am worried that this is not a good sign for the Otway. If it's anywhere near as humid I'm going to have to go even easier at the start. Another year of cramping at the 30km mark would be almost enough to convert me into a full time roadie/trackie.

D: 36.6km
A: 990m

PMPW: 93kg

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