Thursday, 20 January 2011


I rolled a couple of extra ks on my way home, mostly to feel like I'd actually ridden somewhere, but probably a little because I was fearing the intervals to come. The extra time had some side benefit, it allowed me to think about goals for upcoming races.

Firstly this weekend I'm racing the Dirt Riders 3hr in the Solo Male category. I don't know who's racing, but I'm sure there will be some rabbits to chase. In general I want to find a pace similar to the start of the Otway, a couple of beats under threshold with spikes over it for technical or climbing sections.

Talking of the Otway, I'm not feeling huge passion for it this year, I'm not sure if I'm as prepared for it, but we'll see over the next few weeks as I've got a couple of good tests. Anyway as it stands I'm looking to go out a little easier, pacing (as much as one can pace those bastard climbs) myself through to the 70ish km mark, then bringing it home strong. I hope to avoid the cramping issues of recent years.

D: 15.7m
A: 90m

1 x 10m E1
2 x 7s BGRS | 3:00
2 x 8s BGRS (seated) | 3:00
1 x 12s HCLR | 3:00
1 x 5m E1
1 Tabata
1 x 7m E1
1 x 4m ITT | 4m WR
1 x 5m E1
1 x 10m A&S E3 (R/U 2 min)
1 x 10m E1

nb. I completely forgot to do the 4 minutes working recovery after the 4 minute ITT. I was too excited that there was only 1 set left.

Tabatas destroy me, an ITT effort is a challenge to get through, it's rising levels of pain and suffering, but it just feels like honest work. Tabatas on the other hand, rocket you straight into a wall, give you a moment to stagger back a step or two, then rocket you straight back into it.... 8 fucking times!

Vomits: 0
Music required to get me through: Yes (Sepultura)
Weight lost: 3kg
Room temperature raised: 1°c

D: 0km
A: 0m

PMPW: 93kg

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