Saturday, 1 January 2011


Hell Ride:
This was very different to last week, far less people, far less intensity/speed. The whole ride we just sat two up, with the guys on the front staying there for kms at a time.


I had a nice chat with Tom Leaper as the kms ticked over, mostly we laughed at how sedate things were this week.

D: 95.9km
A: 345m

With no intensity done on the Hell Ride I got home, refilled my bottles and jammed some food in my gob so I could go out to Mt Pleasant Rd with Tim, Mal, Carson, Brett and a girl who's name completely escapes me.

The ride route was simple, out to Eltham to do two laps of Mt Pleasant Rd. Most were there to just ride, Tim had some ITT efforts to do and I wanted short hard ones with working recovery. It worked out well as I'd hit each of the pinchy climbs that pepper the road at full tilt with the aim to break Brett, then I'd have to ride through the blown legs to stay away from the hard chasing Tim. My HR took an absolute flogging, peaking around 92% and only dropping into the mid to low 80s between the hills.


D: 89.9km
A: 1,150m

PMPW: 93kg

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