Monday, 10 January 2011



D: 14.0km
A: 40m

1 x 10m E1
4 x 7s BGRS | 3:00
2 x 8s BGRS (seated) | 3:00
2 x 12s HCLR | 3:00
1 x 5m E1
2 x 4m ITT | 4m Work Recovery
1 x 5m E1
1 x 5m A&S E3 (R/U 2 min)
1 x 10m E1

The first of the 4 min ITTs was over fairly quickly, the second took an eternity. The E3 effort was actually ok, I was smashed, wanting to curl up and die at the end, but with the help of Sepultura raging in my ears I got there, clicking up a gear every 30 seconds of the last 2 minutes.

Vomits: 0

D: 0km
A: 0m

PMPW: 94kg

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