Tuesday, 7 December 2010


This could be written as an almost carbon copy of last year, the concern about rain, the fun times, the variable grip, the burgers and beer.

I finally got to ride the trail I helped build (well the start of it), it's a bastard. It roosts your HR and then throws rocky uphill switch backs at you. I am not ashamed to say I dabbed a few times as I know I'll be back to conquer it.

I took a few photos but managed to lose my camera cord, so (if they're any good) they'll be posted tomorrow or Friday.

D: not sure, maybe 30-35km?
A: 695m

I got home from the ride to find that Carl had mailed me a new program, a start to a start of the week interval session. Being the thoroughly obedient young man that i am, I pulled out the trainer, and jumped on for 45 minutes of suffering.

5 x 10 sec Big Gear Rolling Starts (BGRS)
5 x 10sec High Cadence Low Resistance (HCLR)
5 x 1 min ITT
1 x 5 min E3 with last 2 minute rev up.

The BGRS aren't great on the trainer, my tyre slips a bit, might have to whack some grip tape on the drum to aid in traction.

The killer of the night was the 1 minute ITTs. I closed my eyes and imagined I was riding the last km of the NRR up to BP. I found the point of suffering, I embraced the point of suffering, I spent an eternity at the point of suffering, I checked my clock. It turns out eternity is anywhere between 27 and 33 seconds meaning I had 27 to 33 seconds of absolute hell to get through before the pain stopped.

I'm going to blame the short time between consuming burgers and beer and the start of hard efforts for what happened after I got off the bike.

Vomits: 1

PMPW: 93kg


BK said...

You did what???
Intervals after burgers and beers at what must have been 11pm???
Tell me not.

neil said...

nah, it was closer to 11:30 by the time I got set up.