Saturday, 4 December 2010


Hell Ride:
I almost didn't ride this morning, but I'm glad I did. Getting up early I was rewarded with gorgeous weather and a big bunch to play with.


I only hit the front of the bunch once, but I wasn't after a devastating workout, just a trial of where my legs are/were and to clock up a few kms. That's pretty much how it was, we were holding pretty high speeds, but in the bunch it wasn't tough, I moved up whenever it suited me and just enjoyed being on the bike. I dunno, it just felt good to be alive and turning the cranks.

The 6 or so road pros back from racing in Europe was a flat out bonus. I'm a fair fanboy and being able to partake in my favourite sport with top exponents of it mere cms away is cool.

To answer the question of where I'm at, well, I think in a good place, power feels good and endurance isn't an issue. I hope that's true as I'm starting to put/feel some pressure on myself about this f200 tomorrow.

D: 95.9km
A: 355m

CE: 1/2

PMPW: 94kg

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