Thursday, 30 December 2010


6:45pm TdB:
I thought there would be more people on the 6:45 tonight, pretty much everyone is on holidays, it was gorgeous weather and well, I just did alright?!

We had about 10-15 riders at the guide dogs, by the top of Doncaster we were down to 7.


I had felt good on Doncaster so kicked hard for Williamsons Rd, but despite coming up to the hip of the Degani Team rider, I just couldn't get around and ended up blowing with a few metres to go. That was the end of any form on a climb.

High St? Exploded.

Burgundy St? Started strong, then exploded.

The Cutting? Ok maybe the cutting was an exception, I couldn't quite chase the couple of guys who attacked down, and Luigi came off my wheel at the top after I'd done all the work, but it hurt like a bastard.

Ivanhoe/Ivanhoe? Held Peter Braunsteins' wheel until about 20m from the top, the time between feeling fine and exploding was approximately 2.3 seconds.

As I write this my legs feel trashed, I'm going to chalk that up as a good thing. Failing always seems like failure, but being able to go until failure is a positive step.... now if only that point of failure took longer to get to.

D: 70.0km
A: 840m

CE: 1/2

PMPW: 93kg

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