Wednesday, 29 December 2010


I felt good tonight, it felt like the power came on well, maybe not endlessly, definitely not without pain at the top, but some good go.

The recent rains meant the trails out to Westerfolds and Hans' loop were a mixed bunch, those that weren't completely shot (and thus skipped) had new ruts, fallen trees and diversions that effected the flow. A little frustrating as they always seemed to come just as I was finding my groove.


Steve Cussworth suffered a bad case of new-bike-itis with a busted hanger in Hans' loop, the stoppage and resulting discussions sounded the end of my desire to attack or chase.

All up, good fun, with a mix of old and new faces seeing out the end of the year. Talking of years, my calculations say I've only missed 8 Fatties rides in 2010.

D: 39.3km
A: 205m

CE: 1

PMPW: 92kg


Mak said...

fair effort mr R, only missing 8 nights, you are one for stickn it out!

Diesel said...

So you lost your desire to attack or chase?!?... Is that why I was painfully holding your wheel at about 45kph on the flats heading out of Westerfolds? Lost your desire my arse.

Bleve said...

he got psyched out by some lazy track sprinters en-route


ps: (kilo)

neil said...

Cam: excluding time due to being OS, I think that makes it only 3 weeks missed.

Rich: specifically I lost my desire to chase Alex around Hans' loop like I normally would. That loop is such a good benchmark of fitness and skill that not hitting it with full intent makes me a sad panda. Also going hard on the flat doesn't count, it's what big legs are for.

Carl: psyched up by.