Saturday, 25 December 2010


Hell Ride:
For Christmas santa got me roads with no parked or driven cars and a bunch looking to smash out a ride so they could get to family lunches. Queue the xmas morning Hell Ride.


The ride itself was really pretty simple, full gas, start to end. The main culprit was a kid in Jayco kit but there was always the fear that Greg Henderson would hit the front and leave us all smoked in the gutter. Instead he left it in the bag until Black Rock.

Over Ricketts Point it was like I barely touched the pedals, I had been told that Greg, a pro sprinter would be leading out the sprint, so I grabbed Bensley's wheel and kicked hard when he faded. I think that put me around 5th, but really I have no idea where the line is as I've never played with the Hell Ride's sprint and everyone seemed to sit up before where I thought it should be.

This rates as one of the best christmases ever. Yep better even than the one Santa gave me the Transformer my brother wanted... and it turned out to be far better than the one I'd asked for.

Bring on New Years day!

D: 91.8km
A: 310m

PMPW: 95kg

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