Thursday, 2 December 2010


Took a detour on my way home via Hisense Arena to check out the UCI track world cup. I bailed before the Team Sprint finals but the Women's Persuit and the Men's Madison were truly awesome. I'm hoarse from screaming encouragement.

The sprinters.... oh dear sweet lord they're big, I can not wait to see them wind it up in the Keirin tomorrow.

D: 45.5km
A: 420m

2 x 20 Deck squats
4 x 5 @ 43kg 3 position isometric squats*
4 x 10 @ 43kg Jumping squats
4 x 5ES @ 10kg Explosive step ups to squat
3 x 5ES @ 80kg Bulgarian split lunges
5 x 10ES Jumping Bulgarian split lunge
1 x 10 @ 32kg Russian sit ups
2 x 10 @ 40kg Russian sit ups

The superset of isometric squats and step ups continued, but with some jumping squats thrown in just to destroy my will to live. Seriously, I gave a large amount of consideration to going home at the end of the 3rd set.

The russian sit ups were new but turned out to be better than I expected, though after upping my own weight the last few reps of the last set things got a little wobbly.

PMPW: 90kg

* I've historically called these pause squats.

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