Sunday, 19 December 2010


SKCC Crit: (A Grade)
After a coffee with the stay true boys my plan for the crit was simple, to finish with the bunch. I am happy to say I achieved that, my knee didn't shatter into 1,000 pieces and my legs managed to handle the surges from the multitude of attacks.

The bad news is I missed the break and couldn't bridge across. Yes yes that's not part of sitting on, but you know as well as I do, that I can't help but chase rabbits and feel sad when I can't catch them.

The stats make me feel a bit better about the alarmist messages coming from my legs during the race. We averaged 43kmh and maxed out at 58, it should be noted that as the break had gotten away there was no sprint for me, so the max was achieved mid race.

A new benchmark was set my Mark Guirguis during the race. He hammered it to chase a break, lost breakfast and still managed to finished strong (in the break?).


D: 72km
A: 90m

PMPW: 94kg

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