Monday, 13 December 2010


Last week's interval session was as much a mental shitfight as it was a physical one, so with a gorgeous day on my hands I swapped one green monster for another. It wasn't easy, the acidic burp in the last effort was proof of that, but having something other than the pain to think about was nice.

5 x 10s BGRS | 2:00
5 x 10s HCLR | 2:00
5 min E1
½ Tabata (4 x 20s sprint, 10s Rest Recovery)
5 min E1
2 x 2 min ITT/2 min Working Recovery
5 min E3, ramp up last 2 min

There were a couple of guys doing some motor pacing on the track (but it was still open) so while they were doing their thing I stayed up above the stayers line with the exception of the (half) tabatas. For that it was great to dive into the sprinters lane and chase them for 20s, then peel back up to the blue for a rest. They were just perfectly poised in front of me so that I would almost reach their wheel(s) just as the 20s elapsed, and they'd scoot away as I took 5-6 big breaths before the next effort.

D: 51.3km
A: 110m

A few bits hurt more than expected, mostly though I knew what would have me convulsing on the table. Left hip and right calf, the usual suspects, thankfully the roller and stretching work I've done meant my ITBs were ok.

PMPW: 94kg

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