Saturday, 11 December 2010


Mullum Mullum:
Jimmy had organised a ride and BBQ, at first it was to be 5-6 hours on the bike, by the time we rolled out it was down to 3-4. "Easy!" I thought, I was wrong.


I don't know if my legs were a little flat from Jeff's or if I just plain old suck on hills, but Alex, Ashley and Jim were tearing my legs off every time things sloped upwards.

It wasn't all stem chewing though, there were heaps of stops for downed trees and voracious spring growth now blocking the trail.


I did enjoy myself, there were a few trails i hadn't see before and chasing a rabbit is chasing a rabbit, even if you never catch it, it's still fun.

After the ride we piss farted around with a few of Jim's training toys, you know, because we're idiots and a km of climbing isn't enough for one day.


D: 52.0km
A: 1,230m

PMPW: 93kg

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