Sunday, 7 November 2010


I wanted to crawl into a warm bed and stay there today, but instead, like the idiot I am, I turned up to round 2 of the SSS for a bit of track sprint action action action.

I turned the legs over and threw out some efforts in an attempt to kick start the legs, but all I heard back from them was a quietly uttered "go fuck yourself". This showed up quite markedly in my flying 200 where I dropped well over a second to finish in the 14s (barely good enough for B-grade). I qualified on 90" gear, I figured it would be better for my legs to spin. After hearing my time I knew something had to be done, so I bunged on a 96" and hoped I had some strength buried somewhere.

First up I was matched against Greg Brunt, I'd never met him, but his legs implied that he'd seen a few races before. I tried to get the pace up early, but he took the lane quickly and backed the pace off. I'm not sure why, but I followed suit meaning soon enough it was 200 to go and we were in a good old fashioned drag race with me on the outside. I had the speed, but the extra distance was my undoing and he won by a wheel or maybe less.

That's an improvement in speed, now to ensure my wheel got to the line first. My best bet was to attack and get the lane, force whoever was with me to go around. So that's what I did.

Chris Dann, I attacked 500m out and hung on to win by half a bike.

Peter Ballas, I attacked 500m out when he left me a gap and took the win by lengths.

Carl Brewer (3v4 Final), I attacked 500m out when he left me a gap and took the win by lengths.

So 3rd in B-Grade, I'm ok with that. What I'm more ok about is that I took control, attacked to suit me and committed to the move(s).


Bleve said...

8 beautiful berms you can totally rail. Trees everywhere and a perfect line to follow .. and since you turn every sprint into one anyway... KILO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

neil said...

I don't turn every sprint into a kilo. I can't, your races are only 614m and they're from a rolling start.

Next race, I'm going to bring a properly big gear and see how fast I can wind it out to.

Bleve said...

Finals are 921m, which is pretty close, outdoors on an old, slow track ...