Monday, 1 November 2010


Lake Mountain 6 Hour:
Before this race even started it went from a 6 hour down to a 3 hour. It was raining hard and it's just not right to have volunteers standing around that long.

Alex did the first lap for us and came back in 2nd. To say I was enthusiastic about being 2nd overall would be an overstatement. I knew there would be faster guys behind me and I was on my SS due to the conditions.

The decision to go SS was mixed, early on in the lap where things were tight, muddy and climbing it hurt like a bastard. Later on in the lap when everyone else was getting catastrophic chain suck it was a blessing.

My lap wasn't anything awesome, it hurt, but I felt I had a bit left in the tank to give. I traded places with Brad Davies for most of it which was kind of nice given his recent form.

Not long after I tagged Alex out for his 2nd (the team's 3rd) the organisers decided it was just too wet and shit. The newly made trails were getting trashed and it wasn't doing anyone any favours to have us keep going around.

Despite the results showing us in 2nd, it was all a bit of an anti climax.

Filthy clothes left on the ground to be washed clean in the rain really sort of summed up the day.

D: 11.5km
A: 285m

B: 19

PMPW: 93kg


Diesel said...

What a bugger mate... when you're showing a lack of enthusiasm for a race I know it must have been pretty bad. Hope it gets better from here then!!

neil said...

I was getting good and ready to be thoroughly disgusted by the conditions.

Then it was all over.

Oh well.