Tuesday, 30 November 2010


6am NRR:
I think Carl has been a bit busy playing with top end trackies to sort out a new program for me, so I thought I'd get in a sneaky NRR before I have to give it away for trainer/velodrome sessions.

I sat in on the way down, rolling a turn or two to ensure I stayed near the front, on the way back I just practised fighting for wheels to hold position in the bunch.

The SSW wind combined with some eager chaps saw us holding 45km/h up the hills and 55+ along the flat, none of which had me biting the stem off my roadie.

Having sat in the whole way, I pulled my favourite pet hate, I decided to play in the sprint (it's fine if i do it, but anyone else who does is an arsehole), the guy I nominated as my leadout man got a bit boxed in, but I had a gorgeous sit on his wheel as he kicked. Straight past him only to see a set of red lights at BP. I wish I'd looked at our speed because we were flying!

The only thing left to do was secure a coffee and head to work.

D: 45.7km
A: 185m

I wasn't sure if the dirt crits were on tonight, so I grabbed my geared mtb to give myself the option.

Sadly they weren't on, but as the weather was fantastic I detoured my route for the trip home to get some giggles on the trails.


I tried (and failed) at a few attempts of the Erin Baxter Chandler Hwy Stairs Challenge, the damn turn on the landing in the middle is a fucker, and though I can get myself lined up with the next flight, I am yet to clear it. I even tried going up the right hand line, but with no greater success rate.



It looks like the Yarra has been up a bit in the last week, as a couple of the really low trails were sporting some tasty river sediment mud.


D: 35.4km
A: 330m

PMPW: 92kg

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