Saturday, 20 November 2010


Met with the Northside boys for the regular roll down to Mordi and back. The pace was easy both ways, even just spinning the little ring Brett
and I rode off the front a few times on the way down.


My whole plan was to take it easy, but it's difficult when you're as fucking twitchy and nervous as I was. Oh god I hate nerves.

At the end as we came through Elwood I had one ITT effort to open things up. I went from the lights at 1km out back to BP, Brett kicked around me with 300ish to go. I couldn't match him, but I stayed within a couple of bikes and thus kept him honest.

D: 48.4km
A: 170m

National XCO Round 1, You Yangs:
There wasn't a huge field lined up for Vets, 15 or so dudes joking about random shit just like any other XC. That was actually pretty comforting, the 2-3 junior grades lined up in front of us was new to me, but I wasn't racing them, so it didn't really matter.

The course was highly technical and we were all running at some point or another, needless to say, the first lap was thus pretty ugly due to traffic sorting itself out.



The start of the third lap, going up the boulder climb, my left hamstright cramped like a mother fucker. This is not gratuitous swearing, it cramped to hard it had time to seduce my mum while I stood there like a goldfish trying to work out if I'd ever walk again. Eventually I did, and after a few false starts I even started to ride again. In the time that took, Scott (on a Giant) got passed me and my motivation took a big hit.

The next and final lap, going up the exact same spot, I broke my cassette. My left knee drove straight into my shifters, I did an ugly dog humping a tennisball thing with my bars and I taught the 6 year old kid hanging out with his dad some new swear words.


I finished off the lap and thus the race, I suppose I should be happy with that. The results sheets shows I was in 6th, but feel that that is more about the size of the field than my performance. I certainly feel I failed my goal of never giving up on chasing.

D: 27.6km
A: 730m

PMPW: 92kg

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