Tuesday, 16 November 2010


I wanted to test where my legs were at on the flat when they're fresh, but was a bit worried they'd be found wanting. So I woke up at 5 and headed to do the 5:45 NRR.

The plan was to spin the little ring on the way down, something I achieved easily all while catching up with Justin.

For the return leg I wanted to sit in, close any gaps from people getting shelled, then try my legs out in the sprint. I rolled around the bunch at Mordi, a few guys on the front had it strung out single file but my legs felt ok. I think I then pushed up the outside a bit to get in the large working group that formed. With 12 or so guys going around I figured I'd be ok even if my legs weren't as good as I hoped.

The headwind and the couple of rollers around Mentone killed most of the workers, a few times it was just me and someone else, finally around Rickets Point we got 4 people together and that was the way it went through to Brighton when suddenly people magically appeared to help.

I went with the attacks through Elwood and was on the front powering towards the sprint only to have the pedestrian crossing at the canal brought it all to a halt and effectively neutralised the whole thing. I still hit it hard on the green and finished my effort back through to BP.

My turns in the 4 weren't terribly neat or clean but I was satisfied that meant that I was not only strong enough to work the whole way, but strong enough to do so sloppily. I will probably do a Tuesday night TdB soon to test myself there when I'm fresh.

D: 46.5km
A: 190m

PMPW: 91kg*

* this was post NRR, usually it's 1kg heavier before as compared to after, but I forgot to weigh myself.

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