Wednesday, 27 October 2010


The ride started easy enough, many of the low lying trails around Ivanhoe were underwater, so we just cruised through to Burke Rd, Alex and I on single speeds.

Erin Baxter was back for the first time in.... I dunno a year or so... he hit the front at the off camber trail and held the bores wide open until Bellbird Park. The intensity was too much for me and I popped leading up to the little pinch climb before the carpark. I went through my motivational tool chest "this is my pain" "hurt to excel" blah blah blah, but it was no use.

As things rolled along I started being able to close the gaps, especially as we got closer to Studley Park boat house. I don't think I was like Lazarus coming back from the dead... probably just Erin pulling an Andrew Choma (out hard then fade).

The pump track bellow the Studley Park golf course was open for business again, so we rocked some laps. I think for the first time it's flowing well enough to go without pedalling, a shorter bike and a bit more practice would probably make it even better.

Finally we had some cadence efforts in the sprint down the Boulevard home. The two guys on geared bikes had us on top speed, but not on endurance. All we could do was rock 180ish rpm then tuck, then repeat.... and repeat... and repeat.

D: 34.2km
A: 235m

B: 15

PMPW: 94kg

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