Friday, 22 October 2010


A chat over a few beers last night helped us organise a ride with the Flat Hill boys (Bruce, James, Cam (Wells), Chris, Brett) to some of the higher trails up the back of the park.

The climb up the aptly named "Hill Rd" was fairly brutal, Brett set a cracking pace and like the idiot I am I had to chase. Sadly the turn into Moerangi Rd didn't make life any easier, somewhere on the ascent it tipped the protractor at 29%.

The painful grind of SS climbing aside, the descent (Split Endz) was well worth it. It didn't take too long before my legs, arms and lower back started to scream from the (ab)use. Holding the body up, absorbing bumps, pushing into corners and pumping the terrain was as hard if not harder on the body than going up.

We dropped down through a few new trails to get back to the main carpark, 'Dragons Tail' was fun but despite the limited kms covered, I was a shattered man and unable to fully appreciate it's radness.

I'm not so sure that destroying myself the day before a world champs is a stroke of genius, only time will tell though.

D: 42.3km
A: 705m

B: 19 (2 days worth. Note to self; don't forget again)

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