Friday, 1 October 2010


4 x 10 @ 25" Box jumps
4 x 20 @ 25kg* Sloshball cleans
4 x 10ES @ 25kg* Sloshball forward/backward lunges


The nice folk at Thursday Jeff's presented me with a red sloshball to take travelling, it's been sitting in by bag untouched for three-ish weeks. To be honest the only thing that got it inflated today was the knowledge I'd feel fuck off guilty about going home with it unused and facing everyone. To admit to them that just the idea of it had gotten the better of me.

I fucking hate sloshballs.

Well anyway, today I took it out and spent what felt like forever half filling it in my hotel shower. To my great joy it turns out that it's only the size of Jeff's small (blue) sloshball. It always amused me how quickly my mood changes during such situations. I go from "This is going to destroy me" to "Fuck yeah! I can smash that thing!"

The lunges gave me burning quads and neigh on panic breathing, I bet they are going to come back to haunt me over the next few days.

*honestly this is just a random guess based on what Jeff's blue sloshball weighs and a few fill, heft, repeat cycles.

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