Thursday, 16 September 2010


Les Deux Alpes:
I copped some sun yesterday so thought it would be best to get up and out early so that I don't turn up to my mates wedding (Saturday) looking like a Pom that's sat outside on a 15 degree day. Probably best if it was a relatively short one as well.

I decided to try and wash away the fatigue of yesterday with the pain of today. I picked a shortish route with a bit of bite. The super secret route I planned turned out to be too super secret for me, so I ended up going up the slightly easier main route. To make up for the lack of gradient, I set about pushing a TT pace, trying to invite the pain of effort


As I crest the top, I lifted my head up out of my hole and was greeted with a beautiful view, definitely not in Windsor any more.


On the way back down, I found the road I had been looking to ascend, it was the stuff of BJ's dreams. Poorly signed, narrow, next to no traffic, heads in the general direction you're going and most importantly, it's steep as all fuck.


Just compare this switchback to the one up the top... notice the difference in gradient?

D: 47.2km
A: 1,015m

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