Wednesday, 15 September 2010


La boucle des cols:
I'm a little sad at how short yesterday's ride was, so I sat down last night and studied some options, finally deciding on a route that covered both the Col du Glandon (Rochetaillée side) and the Col de la Croix de Fer (Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne side). There was the option of going up the Croix de Fer via the Col du Mollard, but by time I had to make a choice I was starting to feel baked, so straight lined it.

Baked you say? Was there some product from the Netherlands going about? No, but it turns out water, a banana and a small flying bug provided insufficient nutrients or energy for the undertaking. I'm not overly surprised at this revelation, but that obviously wasn't enough to get anything more than a coke into me most of the way up the Croix de Fer.

For the record, the helpful little sign posts that cheerily inform you how far you have to go and the average gradient of the road ahead. I don't love them.



I believe this one says "Risk [of] disembowelment" which roughly translated means "prepare to shit yourself from exertion".


Below is a partial photo dump, everything is up on flickr.






I also stuffed up my comparison of L'Alpe d'Huez and Donna Buang yesterday, there were a few km of flat ground to get to the start, which means it averaged a slightly higher percentage than Donna. It's fine for an ascent, or maybe a repeat, but bugger me it would be killer at the end of 180+ kilometres.

D: 142.7km
A: 3,325m


sole Devotion said...

white bar tape? campagnolo? Neil, you've changed....

Steve Caddy said...

So I come in here to write:
White bar tape?

And what do I find? Beaten to the punch.

I'm going to retire to my chambers and wait for another suitably witty quip to come to me.

neil said...

I feel so dirty!

Still, it's good to know my body know's what's up. It has been rejecting the retched Campy by developing blisters on my hands where they touch the hoods.

I still love you Dura Ace, we will be re-united soon!