Wednesday, 1 September 2010


The euphoric bike high of Monday had well and truly gone by the time we got rolling. There was just zero push in my legs.

We took the bike paths out to Westerfolds and rode Hans' loop. I spent the 9km trying to close a 20 second gap I'd "let" Gavin open up. I think it got down to about 7-8 seconds, but I just couldn't close the rest.

Still the night wasn't without merit, Gavin and I much merriment from watching Alex and Steve Cusworth barrel down a trail only to find it was currently occupied by the Yarra river and no where to go that wasn't going to end in a dunking.

There were no humans apart from us out and about, but there were a few animals. An echidna tried to eat Gavin's front wheel, while a wombat showed complete disregard for Alex's and barrelled past with mere millimetres to spare.

D: 39.8km
A: 225m

PMPW: 90kg

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