Sunday, 8 August 2010


ABOC Sprint Training @ DISC:
1 x 20 min warm up
4 x 1/4 lap power jump (92")
1 x K1 1/4 (96")
1 x K1 (96")
2 x K1 1/2 (88")
1 x Flying 50 (82" J & S)

I was basically there for one thing, a single timed Kilo (K1) effort. The work before it was pretty different to what I normally do, and I did the first power jumps from too high a starting speed.

So, the Kilo effort. I had set myself a benchmark of 1 minute 14 (Ian's best time). I completed mine in 1 minute 17 and I'm pretty shitty.

It's not that I failed to reach my marker, it's how things happened between go and woah that has my goat (please give back my goat, I miss it). Carl gave me some advice; "Go hard for half a lap, ease off a bit for the next lap, bury it for the next 2 and a half."


I got a reasonable start, my 50m split says I was faster than the 1/4 lap (50m) effort prior to it. From there I thought I was setting a pace I could hold. I've hurt myself in so many ways in the last few years that I figured I knew my body inside and out (there are some ugly bits). It turns out I'm very wrong, and I should have paid more attention to what Carl said. In hindsight his advice seems to hold a heap of weight, fuck, it's his job to coach this kind of thing, but I thought I knew better and paid the price.

The idea that I'd need someone counting laps out when I only had 4 to do seemed laughable before I started. After a lap and a half when my legs had lost any push in them and had begun to resemble the arms of the Lost in Space robot (Danger, Danger Neil Robinson!) it was invaluable.

I had hoped for not only a time quicker than 00:01.14, but a feeling that I didn't need to pursue this activity. Failure it seems, has the complete opposite effect. I'll contemplate the need to prove I'm better than that in a few weeks time as I review this "season" and think about the next one or two.

As an aside, I knew straight after the Kilo was done that I should have listened to Carl more, yet as I lay on the ground, trying to fight the need to be sick I refused to listen to his advice on a better place to lay. I have to learn things the hard way.

CE: 1

PMPW: 92kg


BK said...

Get back on that horse there buddy.
You are sub 1.14

Ian said...

I think we both tried to tell ya. :) Sorry I only got a fuzzy photo of your finish... I blame you on being all over the place because the rest of the velo was lock steady :D

PS: 1/4 lap = 62.5m ;)

Bleve said...

1.0 chickens. Good.
The rest will come. Ve Hav Vays!

Ironic captcha : supedso