Wednesday, 25 August 2010


That was a great ride. I almost missed it when I realised late I didn't have my light battery with me and had to dash back to work. I almost turned around after I went full speed into a downed tree. I almost pulled the pin when it became obvious that racing Chase the Sun a few weeks ago had destroyed my brake pads and it was only baking plates on disk rotors that was (barely) slowing me down.

I'm glad I didn't. This week, joining Gavin and I were AJ and Alex fresh from racing in Europe and a new dude Jacob/Jakob. While I can never follow AJs lines, I love following Alex. Struggling to regain composure after my close encounter with the tree it was chasing his wheel that got me back into the groove. Nice to see you back dudes.

The inner trails were almost dry, I can only presume because of all that wind we've been having. Maybe next week I'll get the geared bike out for a spin. She's been missing the Yarra trails, Hans' loop would be a good welcome back after a long winter of limited use.

D: 30.9km
A: 290m

PMPW: 93kg


Diesel said...

So last week your shoes. This week your light battery. Next week your bike?

Not far off getting back mate. Smashed at work and family sports taxi. Will need to lay down the law now the days are getting longer and warmer.

neil said...

I would forget my head if it wasn't screwed on at the moment. I managed to leave my phone at work last night (Thursday). *sigh*

If you could keep her (fatties) company while I'm away that would be a great help.