Thursday, 19 August 2010


6am NRR:
After the shoeless debacle of yesterday, I was committed to some hard riding this morning. Same plan as Tuesday, though this time I trusted my memory enough that I didn't write it on my hand.

The northerly was pushing us down the highway at over 50km/h, it's an odd feeling going that fast on the flat without really hitting the redline.

The lights at Warrigal Rd split the bunch in twain, Downie tells me he tried to get the front bunch to slow, but they were having none of it. A few of us chased hard, but a second set of lights sealed our fate. Even a sneaky early turn at the church wasn't enough as the front group was already streaming up the road.

Despite my disappointment and feeling of failure (I always feel that way after getting split from the bunch I'm in, even if I'm not alone), it was perfect as it meant I had to work into that headwind.

The BOM tells me the NNW wind was blowing at around 20 - 25km/h, I can tell you that it hurt.

There was a TKM dude who rode like he wanted to do all the work, all the way home. I couldn't have him hogging all the training so pulled turns with him and a few others. Andy Naylor was with us but had to sit on from Mentone. He says he's been pretty much off the bike since Melbourne to Ballarat and sick for the last few weeks, but I'll take any day I'm stronger than Andy as a good day.

Despite being short on time I stopped for a coffee and a chat, after that kind of effort caffeine is no longer a nicety it's a necessity.


D: 43.1km
A: 115m

CE: 1/2

PMPW: 90kg

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Diesel said...

90?!? Looking positive for Warny.