Wednesday, 11 August 2010


The plan was to roll the bike path out to Westerfolds and take a spin around Hans' loop. It seems to hold up well in shitty conditions, probably due to receiving less traffic than the main trails.


The plan went out the window, in it's place was a brakeless ride around Bourke Rd featuring laps of Dickies paddock loop. Anyone who touched their brakes had to announce loudly their sexual preference for men*.

At the start we were all very much enamoured of the male genitalia*, VERY enamoured*, but after our second lap of Dickies loop we were starting to manage to do the whole thing without touching the levers.

When we reversed directions for lap 4 and headed right (anticlockwise) rather than left the air was mostly punctuated with Gav and Justin's woops and my squeals. A few laps later and I was unable to make it down the hill.


I wish we'd timed some of the last few laps, because we were honking through the trail, and I'd warrant that our brakeless times would rival our ITT times, despite the trails being far far muddier.


D: nfi
A: nfi

PMPW: 90kg

* not that there is anything wrong with that.

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