Friday, 9 July 2010


ABOC Sprint Invitational:
Well that was fun, but I need moar powa* and some more track time to get my strategies right some strategies other than "ride fast".

PB'd my flying 200 with a 12.56, not terribly surprising given DISC has massive banks and that I'd borrowed Ian's Zipp 900 rear and 404 front. Still it was a competitive time, and enough for a-grade, on what most agreed was a slow night.

First up I raced Rob Tidey, basically a continual wind up for 3 laps with me going the long way the whole time, but somewhere along the line i got my wheel in front and hung on for a win.

The next two didn't go so well. Marcell, who qualified fastest, set a good pace, but was sneaky enough to slow down when I went for his draft, thus negating my ability to sling past him. My race with Stuart Vaughn wasn't as fast, he ducked under me to take the lead and then employed the same slow down move when I went for his wheel.

Still a single win and a good qualifying was enough to race for 3rd/4th in the finals against Chris Ray.

I felt it was hard to go around on this track so took the lead and gradually wound up the pace. I knew Chris would be on my wheel, but hoped by keeping the pace up I could negate his hard kick. Through the last corner we were sholder to sholder and I thought it might still be on, but I begun to fade as we hit the straight and he ended up winning by about a bike. In hindsight I needed to keep a better eye on where he was, as he dropped off of my wheel and got a good sling past. If I'd employed the same move I'd been shown twice in the previous races, it might have been enough to interrupt his run and give me a touch more in the legs for a final drive to the line.

I'll pop up some of the videos when they get put online.

CE: 1/2

PMPW: 92kg

* Yes I know how to spell, no I'm not going to change that, it seems appropriate that way.

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Bleve said...

videos are up, but I've been lazy and done them by heats, rather than individual races.