Tuesday, 6 July 2010


6am NRR:
It was a touch chilly this morning, "how chilly?" you ask (I'm not waiting for you this time), well instead of telling you it was 3°c, I'll just say that one of the guys had frost on the seat stays of his Ridley.

I span the little ring the whole way down, and by spin I mean my hips flayed around everywhere as I tried to sustain ~160rpm in 44x15.

The return leg hurt, I mostly stayed towards the front and worked on the hills, but I did my best not to shirk turns when they happened.

As we rode through Mentone a dude in a car decided it was an appropriate time to pass, despite there being only 1 lane (no bike lane). Not only could I read what radio station they were listening to, but I could tell what aftershave the radio hosts used (MMM - Luke Darcy was wearing Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male, while Eddie McGuire should tone done on the Versace Blue Jeans).

I followed the wheel of Craig from O2 when he attacked through Elwood, he rode us clear of the bunch and just as I was beginning to wonder if I'd be able to sprint past him at the end he swung off leaving me 1.5km to go solo. Sadly I just wasn't up for it, especially when a solo rider caught and passed me. Afterwards Craig gave me a friendly "Oi, you were meant to TT to the win" when he rolled up. I'm sorry Craig.... next time?

A flat white helped soothe the pain from the cold and effort.


D: 42.3km
A: 125m

Went a bit better than I thought. My hips were pretty messy, but I'd expected them to be even worse.

PMPW: 93kg

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